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Our Manufacturing base

With approximately 10,000 sq meters currently at our Jodhpur Plant, we are trying to ensure that we have sufficient expansion and production capability at all times. With full in house production of solid wood and metal furniture  (both Mild Steel and Stainless Steel furniture), our expansion is a continuous process. From equipment, machinery, material handling, software, man-power and operating systems, we do not just look singularly at one aspect. We take health & safety, social and technical compliance and audits very seriously. Aara is not only a good operational & process oriented production facility, but also a company which operates to high ethical & safety standards. We have great new equipment/machines with an ever expanding pool of brilliant workforce and resources to ensure we always strive to achieve heights.

Take a look inside


Our office houses a team dedicated to supply and customer care. Monitoring every step of the supply process for our customers. From new software systems, order management, inventory and merchandising, supplier and client management, we offer a simple and organized service to manage the continuity of supply from the initial sketch of a design all the way to end delivery and customer after care. We work closely with our clients and provide as much information as transparently as possible. With our head office in London and our Factory office in India, we coordinate production, inspections, dispatch and finance to the ease of our clients.


Our teams comprise of design, technical, sampling, administrative, quality control, production planning to name a few with people heading these departments who drive the business in these areas. We depend on them to control and manage each functionality of our business operations. Production is divided and managed by heads at each stage of the process who monitor quality of incoming material as well their own work which is then quality controlled by the next person as well. Each of these heads are solely responsible with independent charge for their operations.

Technical & design

Technical and Engineering with extensive use of 3D Cad,Keyshot, Adobe, Solidworks, CAD/CAM amongst a few provide several aspects of engineering solutions towards product development, testing, engineering, components and visual aid renderings. Design works with technical to ensure clients are provided with as photo real as possible images of products prior to sampling and production. AI's, technical drawings, tilt tests and QC reports are all available in-house for clients who require them as well.

Distribution and warehousing

We offer distribution in UK & Europe based on client specific requirements. From direct container delivery, drip-feed stock order along with Home Delivery throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, we can offer services based on specific requirements.

From working with major retailers for a number of years , we understand the logistical and warehousing needs of our clients and of the end consumer. Our clients can therefore expect the very highest level of service, catered to their specific requirements.

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our Management, Quality and Manufacturing Teams ensure full support to clients.

From ensuring control of raw material, production processes,  equipment maintenance, compliance to logistical support,  they are our very valuable backbone of core operations.

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Team Aara

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